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Travel Bulletin

Dear Volunteer / Travel Writer:



Your volunteer work/travels have been very important, informative and inspirational to you. Now let them be important, informative and inspirational to the rest of the world!


Please consider sharing your volunteer/travel experience with the whole world, on The Humanity Initiative’s bulletin.


The Humanity Initiative (THI) is an global volunteer-operated non-profit, whose Travel for Positive Change arm tackles development by looking at how volunteer travelers can work on the front lines of international development.


THI is launching its bulletin in 2014, and is soliciting articles for the following sections:


è Volunteer to Volunteer: Selecting an Organization

-       Let us know what led you to select the organization you volunteered for.


è Unmet Expectations: How we Overcame

-       What expectations did you have going in as a volunteer? Were they met? If not, how did you overcome them?


è Recreational Travel and Global Understanding

-       How has your recreational travel broadened your mind to different cultures and/or increased your sensitivity to global suffering?


è Travel Writing in Positive Change

-       As a travel writer, how has your traveling fostered positive change in you, your home country, or in the countries you’ve visited?


The bulletin will be freely available to the public on THI’s website, and is fully run by THI’s Travel for Positive Change volunteers. THI’s Travel for Positive Change (and THI at large) will not derive any income from its bulletin, but rather hopes to bring awareness and positive change to the world through travel.



Looking forward to hearing from you!
The THI Travel for Positive Change team