Dear Brother Wolf

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Dear Brother Wolf


Thanks for howling my way. Yes, we need to reach humanity now, urge them to reconsider their attitude. So many species here in our delicate ocean home are suffering from so many unnatural causes. Just yesterday I watched as two of my closest dolphin pals, caught in a tuna net, were dragged for miles, helpless. Unable to breathe, they died, needlessly and prematurely. You of all species will know that final look in their eyes, desperately asking “Why?”

Wolfie, my friend, isn’t it the same in your forests and tundra? I’d rather leap for joy any day than struggle with words, but we need to speak humanity’s language. Let’s examine their Internet, find a site free from any religious, political or commercial sonar, and send our plea, on behalf of all species. Here’s what I’ve composed:


We forever thank those of you who act to preserve our Earthome. However, we are losing the fight for survival.

Please remember that many other species have been here much longer than you. We know this Earth and its rhythms from eons of experience. We relate to it in more profound ways than modern humans. What is happening now, during these last sixty swings around the sun, is the most unkind and urgent crisis imaginable: our only home is being destroyed by the behavior of one species.

Please stop destroying water, air and land. Please pay closer attention to every life. Please heed the overwhelming scientific and spiritual evidence of our demise. We implore you to rescue this beautiful, fragile and still abundant Earth. Is this not the most important challenge humanity could ever face?

Therefore, on behalf of all sentient beings, we urge you to find the wisdom and courage to change  –  not only to save our Homearth, but also to reaffirm the joy of natural and long life for us all.

With enduring love,


Let me know what you think. Also, here’s a place for humans to take action:

With a double back somersault and inverted flip, just for you!

Sister Dolphin


           – Tony Balis    (December 2006)

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