Dauntless Dreamers

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The Library of Dauntless Dreamers

Impossible!” “Who are you trying to fool?”  “Have you any idea of the odds against you?” “How will you possibly pay for it?” Such responses confront anyone who dares to believe that she can make a positive difference on this agitated Earth.

But should it seem so daunting? After all, history is rife with successful dreamers. In fact, we estimate that right this minute there are at least 454 million women, 276 million men and 12 million teenagers hard at work in the trenches and on the decks of positive change. So to urge all of you onward – as well as to inspire and energize those who would join you – we are creating a Library of Dauntless Dreamers.

To begin, here are links to a few notable programs that applaud the work of outstanding humanitarians, scientists, artists and activists within the heart of positive change. Please send suggestions for further links and archives to: worldview@humanity.org. Thank you.

Meanwhile, dream on!

Ashoka Fellows

The Nobel Prize

MacArthur Fellows

The Right Livelihood Award

The Templeton Prize


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