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The Education Initiative

Education is the primary way we develop our worldview and hone our individual instincts for positive change. Yet too often our classroom work seems devoid of connection to the real world, to concrete possibilities for the hard work of making things better. So THI has developed three ways to better investigate positive change in the classrooms of the world. 

First, we are bringing the depth and rigor of university seminars to high schools, inviting students to adopt at an earlier age a serious attitude towards our responsibility to make a positive difference. In particular, we have designed these seminars to address energetically how each student chooses her or his particular path to changing the world. 

Second, we have developed cross-disciplinary lesson plans that introduce and investigate the complexities of creating enduring positive change.

Third, we are examining the rapidly expanding offerings of online courses, recommending those that are the most useful in exploring the diverse and dynamic arenas of positive change. In fact, we are investigating the creation of a University of Humanity, on online university for young people from the poorest neighborhoods of the world. Our first step is to identify the best of the rapidly expanding open courseware. We then will seek major support from foundations and forward-thinking companies to develop a program that can be customized to the needs of each student, rather than to the traditional dictates of a “normal” curriculum. 

In essence, the University of Humanity aims to provide impoverished young men and women with direct and personalized access to those particular courses (or even a single course) that may have the most immediate chance of changing their lives for the better. We plan to create a thorough data bank of open courseware and provide each student with a specific menu of courses that match her or his circumstances and professional prospects in the most compelling way. Seed funding will allow us to do the primary reasearch on the thousands of courses now available on the Internet, generate necessary public awareness of our intent, and create proposals to individuals, foundations and corporations across the world.

Meanwhile, we wish you well in your exploration and would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions for making this education initiative as compelling as possible. Thank you! Please email Mike Benowitz at:

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