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The Essential Connection of Good Intent

There is, of course, no end to the magnificence and horror in the human drama. Across the continents, humanity rises to every challenge, sinks to any depth. We cherish each heartbeat and murder at will. We bless nature’s miracles, yet trash the hood.

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Change the World?

(written shortly after September 11th, 2001)      |     » La Versione Italiana

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New Orleans

The first order, of course, is to help. Our suggestion is to find that organization that spends the vast majority of donated funds directly on those who need it most. We recommend the International Rescue Committee (, since 1933 one of the most efficient and respected aid agencies in the world.

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Mother Nature, Father Time

She has no heart, no idea of harm or benefit.

She is the most powerful, the most destructive force on Earth. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanos are, for her, nothing new, merely further violence in an endless drama.

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Dear Brother Wolf


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The Library of Dauntless Dreamers

Impossible!” “Who are you trying to fool?”  “Have you any idea of the odds against you?” “How will you possibly pay for it?” Such responses confront anyone who dares to believe that she can make a positive difference on this agitated Earth.

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Letter from Mandela to Obama, November 2008


Johannesburg, South Africa

November 5, 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

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The Mirror or The Mountaintop?

(a keynote speech from 2008)

Hi, my name is Tony - and I am an Obamaholic.

In fact, I have long been addicted to hope.

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The Old Woman

Imagine an old and gentle woman, near death, with both hands on a rusty musket, standing alone at the edge of a field in which every rock and rise are as familar to her as the ceiling cracks in the farmhouse crouching behind her.

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