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Travel organizations have two main responsibilities: to operate sustainable and beneficial volunteer projects, and to ensure a comfortable, orderly, safe, and engaging travel experience for their volunteers. The less you have to worry about the details of international travel, the better you can focus on the project at hand.

An ability to deliver a smooth flow of services to clients is the backbone of any travel company. From coordinating international travel to providing suitable accommodations, travel companies must manage a wide range of responsibilities. An organization operating in the volunteer field has these responsibilities and more. It must ensure that clients are prepared as volunteers; this often means engaging in some form of education prior to their departure.

Also, remember that travel organizations have two bottom lines: their own financial status, and the completion of their humanitarian projects. A good balance between these two can be difficult to find. Here are some factors to take into consideration when evaluating travel-for-positive-change companies:

  • Cost
    • Total cost of your trip, with nothing hidden or added on later. 
    • The percentage each company spends on administration and on program implementation.
    • Free availability of financial information.
  • Travel arrangements
    • International travel (visa assistance and return flights)
    • In-country travel (airport to site)
    • Accommodations on-site
  • Preparation
    • Pre-departure briefings and education sessions for volunteers