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Every volunteer project addresses a unique situation. Because of this, travelers and travel organizations must be prepared to adapt and change their plans to best fit the needs of the community they are working with. Applying a uniform approach to complex problems only results in further problems.

There are, however, certain practices that do result in consistent results. These do not proscribe exactly how to work, but rather how to create a situation where success can most likely be achieved. Specific to the type of work being done, these best practices are essential to any volunteer project. They ensure that the right people are assigned the right tasks, that proper training is being done, that underlying issues do not go overlooked, and that projects are undertaken in a sustainable way.

Below are the most common types of volunteer projects. We’ve included criteria that can make or break a project, that determines whether it has a lasting impact  -  rather than be forgotten soon after your exit visa is stamped.

Construction projects that promote greater security of food, water, education, health, or other basic requirement of human development for a community or region.
Typical Projects:

Teaching or the maintenance of education facilities.
Typical Projects:

Teaching, development of community projects, and creation of systems to financially support artistic creation.
Typical Projects:

Assisting academics or non-profits with field research and data collection to support the implementation of better conceived projects in the future.
Typical Projects:

Women’s Rights
Raising awareness among women or the greater population; aiding women to achieve independence and find greater opportunities.
Typical Projects:

Conservation efforts to control loss of habitat, restore it, and or raise awareness about the issues facing our home.
Typical Projects: