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Who We Are: TeamHumanity


As a small and horizontally integrated enterprise, THI is always interested in recruiting new and enthusiastic externs to work on a wide range of projects and initiatives. We are looking for individuals who combine a positive worldview with a strong sense of how to get things done.

Externs work from wherever they call home, with a minimum commitment of ten hours a month. We offer our volunteers a unique opportunity to work with leaders in many fields, creating content and programs for our ever-widening global audience.

We place a high priority on maturity of purpose, self-reliability, articulateness, curiosity, sense of humor, honesty, and ability to get along with people. Those of you interested in international relations, cross-cultural education, web publishing, anthropology, environmental affairs, political science, journalism, non-profit management, fund-raising or positive change in general are encouraged to apply.

As during our first sixteen years, we take great care to customize each externship. We want it to meet your goals as well as ours. Assignments include strategic planning; alliance development; public relations; marketing; expanding current initiatives and establishing new ones; fund-raising; and translation.

We welcome applications throughout the year. To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to: Your cover letter should discuss how your experience, talents and interests would contribute to our initiatives. We are keenly interested in your ability to write well, in particular with simplicity and style.