A Recap of Our Unforgettable Week at TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 isn’t just another conference; it’s a convergence of the brightest minds, the most innovative projects, and the boldest visions shaping the future of decentralized technologies.

Apr 23, 2024


Humanity Protocol was recently at TOKEN2049, and we had a blast! Between our founder Terence’s keynote and the invaluable connections we made, we were thrilled to be a part of the week-long events in Dubai last week.

TOKEN2049 isn’t just another conference; it’s a convergence of the brightest minds, the most innovative projects, and the boldest visions shaping the future of decentralized technologies. For Humanity Protocol, it served as a platform to showcase our commitment to revolutionizing the intersection of Web3 and Proof of Humanity (PoH) efforts.

Terence’s Keynote Presentation on Humanity Protocol

At TOKEN2049, the highlight of our journey was the captivating presentation delivered by our founder, Terence Kwok, introducing PoH to the audience on the Zeebu Stage.

Drawing from his wealth of experience and expertise, Terence offered insights into the profound implications of AI on Web3 communities and how we get our information online. He articulated how Humanity Protocol is pioneering the integration of PoH mechanisms, ushering in a new era of trust, transparency, and accountability. Our PoH system, which is Sybil-resistant at both the application and consensus levels, is aimed at mitigating the bot and deepfake issues that continue to plague our online interactions.

Terence also treated the audience to a live demonstration on stage, showcasing the real-world application of Humanity Protocol’s PoH. This gave the audience a sneak peak into what to expect when we launch our testnet. As Terence concluded his presentation, it became evident that Humanity Protocol’s vision for a more equitable and inclusive future for verified humans resonated deeply with attendees.

Animoca’s Panel Discussion: AI in Gaming & Web3

At the Animoca Brands Portfolio Day hosted at Cypher Capital, a dynamic panel discussion about AI in gaming & Web3 provided a platform to underscore the role of PoH in the evolving landscape of digital entertainment.

As thought leaders, including Terence and Humanity Protocol co-founder and Animoca founder, Yat Siu, delved into the intersection of artificial intelligence, gaming, and Web3 technologies, it became increasingly evident that our innovative approach to identity verification and data integrity will play a significant role in the sustainability of the gaming ecosystem.

Amidst discussions on player immersion, decentralized economies, and the potential of AI-driven gaming experiences, PoH came up as a linchpin solution, offering a robust framework to safeguard user identities, protect against fraud, and foster trust within gaming communities.

The Founding Humans Came Together

As a remote organization, the chance to unite in person is a rare and treasured occasion for the Humanity Protocol team. At Token2049, we seized the opportunity to connect with our founders. Terence and Yat were joined by Sandeep Naliwal — one of our co-founders and the co-founder of Polygon — to share insights, exchange ideas, and reaffirm our collective commitment to driving positive change through PoH.

Additionally, the evening was graced by the presence of other thought leaders in the Web3 space, further enriching our discussions. Among them was Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, whose contributions to the conversation added depth and diversity to our collective vision.

As we got together with like-minded innovators over the week, it became evident that while our paths may diverge in methodology and focus, our shared dedication to harnessing technology to improve our daily lives unites us. This encounter reminded us of the importance of collaboration, community, and shared purpose in driving the evolution of Web3 towards a more equitable and inclusive future.