Humanity Protocol and LayerZero Labs Team Up to Bring Proof of Humanity to Over 70 Chains

We're thrilled to announce that LayerZero Labs is joining Humanity Protocol’s zkProofer Network!

May 20, 2024


When we say we’re committed to protecting your digital identity, we truly mean it. That's why we're thrilled to announce that LayerZero Labs is joining Humanity Protocol’s zkProofer Network. Together, we’re bringing unprecedented trust and security to over 95 dApps, including favorites such as UniSwap and Aave. LayerZero will put an endpoint on Humanity Protocol, enabling developers to send and receive arbitrary data across more than 70 chains.

LayerZero Labs is the leading software development company that built LayerZero, an interoperability protocol that empowers developers with essential tools to facilitate smooth data movement, token issuance, and dApp development across multiple blockchains. Scalability and interoperability are ingrained in both Humanity Protocol and LayerZero Labs' DNA, reflecting our shared commitment to advancing decentralized ecosystems.

By becoming a part of Humanity Protocol's Proof of Humanity (PoH) system, LayerZero Labs enhances security and authenticity. LayerZero Labs will help uphold the integrity of decentralized governance and fairdrops while reducing fraud across over 50 chains using PoH, fostering fairness and trust.

Now, users can have a more pleasant experience across a variety of chains. Here are a few benefits we’re thrilled to share.

What Does This Mean for LayerZero Labs and Humanity Protocol?

Humanity Protocol's Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) framework enables secure and private transactions. At the heart of this intricate architecture are zkProofers, entities that are responsible for receiving, processing, and authenticating various verifiable credentials (VCs) or privacy-focused zero-knowledge verifiable presentations (VPs). 

As a Humanity zkProofer, LayerZero Labs will play a pivotal role in the network's functionality, particularly in verifying VCs and VPs during interactions between users and third-party dApps.

zkProofers are designed to be privacy-focused, engaging with the network without accessing user information directly using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). This approach safeguards user privacy and enhances decentralization and community involvement within the PoH verification process.

Getting Rid of Bots

Humanity Protocol is a Layer-2 blockchain that uses Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) technology. Our PoH consensus mechanism ensures the uniqueness of users' identities as human beings within a decentralized system. We’re Sybil-resistant even at the application level — not just the network level.

This means on-chain governance can be more democratic as voting is tied to real individuals, not bots or individuals with multiple accounts. PoH grants users who engage in voting or DAO activity transparency and fairness that was impossible just months ago — all without disclosing users' personal information.

Ensuring that those who perform transactions on LayerZero Labs supported chains are indeed humans will also have an impact on transaction speed, failure rate, and the cost of transactions.

Bots are already proving to be a major concern for Web3 users, as data from Dune showed that on April 4, 2024, over 75% of transactions on Solana failed due to bots seeking arbitrage opportunities. Bombardment of bots also remains a significant challenge in the Web2 space, with bot activity being used to sway public opinion on social media

Cracking Down on Fraud

Utilizing PoH and LayerZero Labs can lower the risk of fraudulent activities by verifying the identities of all parties involved in a transaction. Using zero-knowledge proof to do it means users’ personal information is never disclosed to other parties.

Scams remain a large issue in Web3, given the permissionless nature of these platforms. According to Chainalysis, victims lost a staggering $4.6B to scams in 2023. According to the same report, a significant portion of these losses were due to romance scams. In an environment where all parties are protected by PoH, instances of romance scams can fall drastically.

Equitable Opportunities

This collaboration should appeal to a broader audience that values privacy, security, and authenticity, increasing user trust in its applications. With our PoH system and LayerZero Labs, users can also consolidate their cross-chain reputations and achievements, underpinned by Humanity Protocol’s interoperable identity graph. This collaboration ensures seamless interoperability across various blockchain networks, enabling users to maintain a unified and comprehensive identity across  decentralized ecosystems.

This opens the door to new and innovative solutions designed to make Web3 participation more accessible, enjoyable, and fair.

It All Starts With a Digital Handshake

Our key partnership with LayerZero Labs marks an exciting time for us, as we prepare to launch our testnet in the coming weeks. This major milestone is also a testament to LayerZero Labs' and our dedication to advancing the principles of authenticity, fairness, and inclusivity in the ecosystems.

At Humanity Protocol, we're on a mission to empower users with complete ownership over their data and identity. Our PoH solution provides developers with a powerful human authentication mechanism, verifying the identity of users across digital platforms. By partnering with LayerZero Labs, we're taking this mission to the next level by integrating PoH into their extensive cross-chain infrastructure. 

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